Buyer's remorse; What's the best way to get rid of this house?

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    I just bought a house that has been a nightmare for me. This is my first house and I cut serveral corners trying to purchase it including not getting an inspection. Since moving here, I’ve discovered problems with electrical outlets in the bathrooms, bootleg cable wiring, and after a few shingles blew up on the roof, the insurance agent said the roof will need to be replaced soon. I fear that I will have a hard time selling it because of the color of the exterior the outdated wall paper on the interior. Also I bought it for about $ 10,000 above the average home in this area. I would rather go back to renting until I can afford a newer home closer to the city. I don’t want to put much money into the house and I’ve decided to stay for at least a year. What’s the best way to sell without losing any money? Would it be better to use an agent and try to sell it the old fashioned way, or should I use one of those quick sell companies just to get rid of it and maybe make a few (very few) bucks.

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