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    It may be just me but I am so bored with going round and round on “Buy v Rent”. And why do people ask complete strangers whether they should buy or not? Hello? The most important purchase of your life and you are too lazy to do independent research on it?


    There are so many other excellent resources out there. I have been a reader of The Economist since freshman days and they have a treasure trove of data at the back of the magazine. Based on the rent/price ratio I concluded we were getting into a bubble back in 2003. OK, my timing is off. Lately the blog Calculated Risk has been an invaluable source of information.*


    To those people who ask “Should we buy?” please do yourself a huge favor and read up on the economic/housing data/trends/commentary, at least on the national level. Then you can come to local forums and ask more specific questions.


    To all those housing bears, I understand why you get so agitated. This is the only place where you get actions. Unlike bulls, you can’t do anything in the housing market. You can’t sell short a house. Well, almost. Have you heard of Case Shiller futures? You can short the Bay Area index if you are so convinced of your insights. Put money where your mouth is.

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