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      Hi, my friend and I are both business students graduating this year. He said he is thinking of starting a business from home after graduating and he needs to find out how much business rates would be for his property. I said that is a stupid question because it is your home and you already pay council tax – business rates are a tax on commercial property not a tax on businesses themselves. So we took our disagreement to a local authority drop-in centre to seek advice from a specialist and the only person there was a secretary who said we could make an appointment, but my friend said nevermind, do you know anything about rates/will i have to pay if i am running a business from home? She said along the lines of “ohhh yes of course you have to pay rates if you are running a business even if it is from home, it is still a business.” So he has declared victory, but i am not convinced!

      I cannot find anything about it online or on here, yet i know loads of people who run businesses from home and don’t pay business rates. What about all the people on ebay selling as a business, they don’t pay x thousand pounds for the priviledge do they?

      I would be really appreciative of a knowledgable response!
      i think he is thinking more along the lines of selling paperclips on ebay than turning his house into a supermarket 🙂

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