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    I was reading a post on a forum about how a recent graduate from college and could not get a credit card because there is nothing on her credit report. This made me think about myself because I have never had a credit card. I just turned 18 and am not sure what to do. Is it too late for me to build up my credit? I’ve heard some people had credit cards at a much younger age to build credit. I’m afraid that its too late to start building up my credit now? is it?

    also i’ve heard a good way to increase your credit score is to have your parents put you on their card? is this true? My parents have good credit so would this help me?
    Shermamoma: your advice seems very good, but i’m looking more into the future. Like when I need to buy my own house or my own car. I know that I won’t be able to pay all of that in one sitting, so I would need to take out loans and such. Isn’t that based on your credit score?

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