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    My mother in law’s lot is .650 acres. My husband paid half when they bought this property 2 years ago. Her house is occupying like 1/3 of the land. Since the lot is bigger, me and my husband is thinking of building our first house in the same lot instead of buying a finish house in a certain neighborhood we’re not familiar with. But my question is, how we can do that? Do we need to divide the land? In the assessor’s office here in SC, this land classified as single family home. Is it referring to the house that’s in here? What details we need to do to build out house in the same lot? My mother in law is also old, that’s why we wanted to be near in case of emergency. Plus my husband has a brother with disability. Please anyone who knows something on this matter. I really appreciates your opinions and ideas. thanks
    do we need a deed of sale like saying we bought this parcel of land or we will just get a surveyor to do it and then register it in our name. I mean you know, for the assessor’s records.
    Zoning classification of this lot is RS-LD it’s residential single family-low density, what does this mean? I don’t how to find laws concerning zoning, is it by area?or by county?or by street?

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