Bought a home with damaged concrete slab unknowingly?

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      I’ve bought a home a year and a half ago and found out recently that the concrete slab of the floor was sinking because of water damage caused by a broken pipe under the floor in several places. Instead of fixing the problem, the owner simply poured new concrete over the old concrete and covered it with carpeting. They also added an inch of trimming to the bottom of the base of the wall, to cover up the sinking floor. I had a professional contractor recently come in to fix my slab, because it had sunk even more since I’d bought it, to the point that it was damaging the structure of the home. When he removed the slab, he showed me pieces that had two layers of concrete on them, the top layer having evidence of tiling being there originally. This was a surprise, since the current flooring was newly laid carpeting. The question is, I wonder, can I hold them responsible and take them to court for misleading me and covering the real problem that the house had.

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