Black Out Part of The Letter Before Sending to CRA’s?

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    Hello everyone.
    I sent Central Financial Control a GW letter for 2 paid collections that I had.They treated the letter as a dispute.The positive aspect is that they agreed to delete*ONE of the paid collections.This is what the letter says..
    “We are unable to confirm that you were properly notified regarding the debt,for account XXXXX.We are in the process of deleting/retracting our collection entry from your credit profile.We ak that you all EX,TU,EQ 30-60 days to process our request from the date of this letter(Jan. 20).If the status of your account does not reflect this change on any other credit bureau report,please provide that particular credit reporting agency with a copy of this letter so they may update this change accordingly.”
    It will be 60 days tomorrow and the collection is still on all 3 reports.It seems as though I should just send a copy of this letter,as stated by CFC but there is also an account that I plan on using the HIPPA process for that was confirmed to be mine but paid.Is it ok to*BLACK*OUT the results for the confirmed collection and still send this letter to have the other collection removed?OR should I just send the letter and hilight the collection that the CA*has agreed to be deleted.?Thanks for any response!!

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