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      Wanted to get other people’s opinion about potentially buying a house- as a first time home buyer.
      I got a wonderful opportunity to relocate to a much bigger city and I’ve been debating buying a home in the next 3 months. I know…scary. I don’t have an actual house in mind, I saw a few while I went out to interview and I’ve been looking online. This new city is not too far away from where I live currently so I can make a few trips to go house hunting. I am primarily interested in new construction houses.
      I haven’t checked my scores in a while but the scores I have are in my signature. They might be slightly lower now since I took advantage of two 0% interest offers on my CareCredit card and the Apple Financing card. I can pay those off to $0 before the actual mortgage application though.
      I may only have about $3000 for a downpayment but my parents will gift me the rest of my funds. I owe about $80,000 in student loans, about $4000 on a car loan (which could also be entirely paid off by the time of application). I filed BK in 2008 but have maintained a clean CR since then. I only have one pre-BK negative account still reporting. Income will be about $100,000 with the new job- which is pretty much what I make right now. I’ve worked in this field for almost 2 years. Looking to spend not more than $200,000 on the house.
      Thoughts? I feel like I should take advantage of the work paid moving expenses and move straight to my house. Instead of moving again in a year. But some people may feel it is prudent to wait. I’m itching to buy and I know I would love my new job (same line of job, primarily just moving to a much funner city!!!!)

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