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    OK, so I love this complex and hope to own one someday.* I’m talking about the new portion of condos built in 2006.* A realtor I spoke to told me that the flat roofs had issues a few years ago and the builder was sued to fix them.* Now, I believe him b/c he said nothing could sell during that time period of about a year, while everything worked itself out and the lawsuit was settled.* The realtor also tells me that the builder finally ponied up and re-painted the exteriors and fixed the roofs.* When I asked the realtor if it would mean a special assessment was coming down the pike, he said no b/c the builder had agreed to fix at no cost to owners.*


    I’ve googled the heck out of this and find nothing!* What – no one BLOGGED about this issue?* Can someone comment or find me the link?


    I’m just nervous that a special assessment might rear it’s ugly head and I’d like to be an informed buyer.* Or that the title might not be clear b/c of liens, or something. Thanks in advance.

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    Even if you had good credit 90k is too much debt on your income. Additionally it is really hard to qualify for micro loans, 50k is just not enough to bother with.

    You are going to need to purchase whatever you can get for the 40k cash you will have after you sell the trailer.

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