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      I’m looking into rebuilding my credit and what secured credit card would best help me do that with the features I want so when it eventually becomes unsecured I will not have to close the account. When I graduated high school 4 years ago I had amazing credit and kept getting offers for cards. When I eventually got 1 I was approved for a high limit and being young, I took advantage of that. There are also some other things on my credit report I am working on cleaning up. That being said, I am now looking for a secured card because I know I will not be approved for an unsecured card. I am a student and have enough for the minimum deposit required ($ 200-$ 300) and can gradually increase the deposit over time.

      I have researched cards and read some reviews and there are different features I like in each card so I am unsure of which is best and would help rebuild my credit the fastest. The cards I am currently considering are Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard, BankAmericard Visa Fully Secured Card, Capital One Secured MasterCard Credit Card, Citi Secured MasterCard, and Wells Fargo Secured Card. I bank with BOA so I like the idea of staying with them but if there is a better option I will choose it. I don’t want to ask someone at BOA because I don’t want them giving me a bias opinion since they want me to sign up with them. So which card is best and why? What have been your experiences with any of these?
      Just to be clear, yes I do have a job and I have been approved for the BankAmericard Visa Fully Secured Card when I first opened my account with BOA a little over a year ago and recently approved for Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard. I have not completed the application process or sent in payment for either of these, just looking at my options.

      As I stated above, I like the idea of staying with BOA but I don’t ant to ask a BOA employee because I want a honest, unbias opinion and experiences. I don’t want to talk to someone that will be trying me to get to sign up for their card over competitors.

      That being said, which card have the best overall benefits so when the card becomes unsecured I will not have to switch? Which will help build my credit the fastest?

      Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard
      BankAmericard Visa Fully Secured Card
      Capital One Secured MasterCard Credit Card
      Citi Secured MasterCard
      Wells Fargo Secured Card

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