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    …cards rather than credit cards? according to online tests of my system I have over 1600 system faults….and when I apply to get them fixed…they ask for credit card details….I only have a debit card…….can anyone give me a site that can repair these faults and will accept debit card payments

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    The faults are registry errors. There is no need to fix them, since registry errors have no measurable effects. A registry error is an invalid registry entry that points to a file or other registry entry that does not exist. Because they are invalid, they don’t do anything. They do waste a tiny bit of space and it does take the system a tiny amount of time to determine that they’re invalid and ignore them. But these effects are so small they cannot even be measured without great difficulty.

    But if they really bother you, Piriform’s CCleaner will fix them for free.

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    As the third answer indicates, you don’t have over 1600 faults.

    You are infected with what is called Malware. The online testing program that is testing your system is the Malware. It is the infection yourself. The proof of that is the fact that you are being told you have all these issues, but you must PAY to remove them. This is extortion. It is no different than a large guy with a broken nose walking into a shop and saying that he must be paid to make sure nothing bad happens, because of all the things that *could* happen…. as he breaks a few things to demonstrate.

    So. You need to use some FREE cleaning tools to get rid of the infections you do have.

    Start with ComboFix.

    Download it and run it. No need to install it, it runs straight from the download.
    Then, download the installer for Malwarebytes

    Install it, update it, and perform a Full scan. Remove anything it finds.
    Then, download the installer for Spybot Search & Destroy

    Install it, update it, and have it scan for problems. Remove anything it finds.

    This will get rid of the Malware attempting to extort money from you, and clean anything else infecting your system… and it won’t cost you a dime.

    end of line

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    That’s Just download it it help me a lot it will fix all error over u r pc and del all temp junk file and speed up u r system to high !!no lag!!

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