best credit card company which gives highest credit limit?

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      I’m currently a graduate student with 2 credit cards (Capital One and Chase) and have a credit limit of $750 and $2000. I was issued a card with Capital One when I was 18 and it was my first card company (which I regret). I’m currently 22 years old and have paid well over the minimum and on time for the past 2 years. I am trying to find another card which will give me a limit similar to the $2,000 limit Chase recently (7 months ago) gave me and cancel my Capital One card. I understand I will lose a few years of credit history and am willing to take the hit so I do not have to deal with Capital One and their games. The reason I want a higher credit limit is to transfer my balances so I can keep my cards at roughly 30% and keep building great credit. So any suggestions for which card to get in my situation would be greatly appreciated.
      I’m not sure about that, everything I read about credit said to keep your balances under 30% and show you are using the card. If you carry a 0 balance at the end of each billing period then that will show you are not even using the card

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