Being sued for credit card debt but can't get bank statement?

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      Apparently I’m being sued by a credit card company for an old debt. I’ve called them and requested a copy of a statement that shows the debt. They said they can’t pull the records because it’s been passed over to a collection agency. I’ve tried multiple levels of management. They all say that when they put in my SSN, the screen is locked and the only info they have is the name of the debt collector.

      Fine, so I call the debt collector. They say they don’t have records of the bank statements, they just have ownership of the account. They recommend that I call the bank to get a copy of my old statements.

      Rinse and repeat. Bank says call collector, collector says call bank.

      I’m fully willing to cooperate and want to handle this peacefully. But I’m not paying them a penny until somebody shows me a statement.

      I don’t want to go to court and deal with any of that. I just need some kind of record that shows the charges since this is apparently from years ago.

      Do I have any rights at all or am I just going to be forced to pay a blind figure?
      I haven’t been served by a court, but I have started receiving ads in the mail from other local attorneys stating that a lawsuit has been filed against me and offering their services. So that leads me to believe there is something on record, but I have not been served anything.

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