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      I got an email today that my new Barclay’s statement had cut, so I logged in and saw that they’ve increased my credit limit from $1700 to $4250!* This was my 12th statement with them and while I don’t always pay in full I do pay at least pay 1/3 of the balance every month*(right now I’m waiting on a reimbursement for work travel to come through and will pay off my remaining balance when it does).* I originally applied for this card last*November when buying my MacBook Air, which was about $1600.* They*instantly approved me for $800, I think, and I called for a recon which resulted in the $1700 initial CL.* I paid off the computer purchase*in January, and kept the balance fairly low until the last couple of months when I was traveling heavily for work.* There were definitely a couple months with no activity on the card, too.


      Anyway, I’m especially pleased because my scores have dipped a little*recently due to some inquiries while car shopping and then the new auto loan, but Barclays apparently didn’t mind.* Yay!*

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