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    on 11/17/08 ,my dear friend who was 94 years old passed away. we spoke twice a week and walked around her property and talked. she always said she would sell me her property for $ 400,000 when she was done with it . she was old but not stupid. after she passed away the attorney took over and now informed me that the property will be appraised and put up for sale and he has already had interested developers asking about the property because of its 4 acres of land,they thought it would make for a good housing project. i am doing whatever i can to keep from being developed but am falling way short on funding, i have already put my own home up as collateral but am still short.the pa fish and game commision have a program for properties like this within city limits that can be turned into a wildlife refuge,even if there is a house on it because of the size of the property and the fact that it has a small creek on it also. does anyone know how to raise that kind of money or know anyone willing to help. and no,this is not a scam,i am not trying to get money for nothing,this is an actual property in northeast philadelphia called “shady pines” where the womwn lived alone since 1948 just off of pine road. you can email me directly to [email protected] with your own email address for responses

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