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    I am seeing a new doc for about 2 months now, and he has prescribed me xanax because i told him

    about my axaxety and panic attacks. The past doc i was seeing was percribing me that ( i don’t see

    the previous doc because change of insurance ). So i told the new doc what i was percribed. 0.5mg of xanax.

    I feel like its not working like it was working in the beginning but i guess i built up a tolerance to it. Yesterday i felt a panic attack coming on and i

    took 2mg’s witch i usually do take daily but forgot to, when i took my 2mg dosage i felt alot better.. I don’t tell my doc that i take 2mg’s daily because i don’t

    want him to think that i am addicted or abusing the drug witch i am not by a long shot.

    I am being prescribed right now 0.5mg’s of Xanax 60qty. I have a appointment with

    him tomorrow and i want to tell him to percribe me 2mg’s of Xanax instead of my normal dosage 0.5.

    or perhaps 3mg’s of xanax once a day. I am just very worried that he will cut me off because i am

    asking for a higher doasge compared to 0.5 to 2 or 3mg’s. I do have bad panic attacks and like i said i

    am worried he will stop giving it to me and suspect i am a drug user with i am not by a long shot.

    i understand it’s highy addictive but i experimented with other medications and found this is the only

    one that works very well with me. How can i go about telling my doc to up my dosage without being

    suspected of be a drug user or distributor . Now i am getting very worried and nervous. :'(

    Any advise by a doctor or someone in the same type of situation would help me alot on how to approach the topic. Thank you

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