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      I am looking for some help with ASC and EMC mortgage companies.* Both these companies went bankrupt and were sold.* ASC was sold to Wells Fargo and EMC was sold to Chase.* Both of the mortgages I have with them were paid in full in 2008.* For some reason they both are reporting 120 days late with zero balances in April of 2012 (4.5 years after both were paid in full).* Here is what I did on each one:
      ASC – contacted Wells Fargo executive office.* I received an email back and they said that they cannot change it because the file is closed.* I asked for the documents showing that they even own the loan and the represenative told me that they do not have the documents.* In fact all they have is a copy of the original HUD statement and note to a local bank that originated the loan, but they have no transfers.* I now have a couple of problems with them.* They are reporting a debt incorrectly 4.5 years after it was paid in full and now I am not sure that they can even report it because they cannot prove they own it.* Suggestions?* I really just want it removed!!!
      EMC – contacted Chase executive office and recieved an email back stating that they would look into it.* It has been removed except on Experian.* I went on Experian and challenged it and Experian confirmed that the account was correct and will not let me challenge the account again.* I contacted Chase and they said that they have sent the requests and they are no longer liable.* How else do I get Experian to remove it?* I cannot get Chase to send me a letter because they consider it closed.

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