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      About two years ago I wanted to buy a house and I had FP reporting my account as a charge-off and sold to Arrow Financial Services.* I had just started using this board so I was still wet behind the ears.* On Transunion, the FP account was showing paid with no lates, Experian & Equifax*shows the FP account as a charge-off.* Well I contacted Arrow Financial and offered a PFD, but a few days later I received a letter from them that this account was paid and they removed it totally from my credit report.* I was surprised, confused and happy all at once.* This was almost two years ago now.* So today I decided to contact FP and ask them who do I send a GW letter to and she said that the account was sold and she do not show that I ever paid the account.* I told here that I have a letter from the collections company stating that the account was paid and she told me to send in that letter and they will update my charge-off to paid.* Now I am rushing home from work to locate the letter from Arrow Financial.* Wish me luck!

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