Are Top-Up cards just like paying for your Virgin Mobile plan with a credit/debit

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      card? I am looking into buying a phone for my friend with Virgin Mobile. I want to get him the Unlimited plan which is $49.99 a month. If I buy Top Up cards will they cover that monthly fee or is that just for adding minutes to your phone? I don’t have a credit card or Pay Pal so I am wondering. Thanks.

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      Topus are equal to cash. They pay for anything you want from Virgin Moble except maybe phones. Any service plan, monthly,pay go, whatever , if you have enough topup money in the account of the phone number you have with them, you’re good to go.

      You’re smart. Topups is the way to go with Virgin Mobile. VM has way cooler phones, 3G service and more reliable talk then Boost.
      BUT, Virgin Mobile is known for overcharging credit/debit cards, paypal accounts on file. It is a known issue. It is also known to be nearly impossible to get a refund from them. And they recently outsourced all the US customer service to oversea. You can bet their customer service award from last year will be the last one.

      If you order the 49.99 plan, you will need to put in more then $50. Here is why. Virgin will add service charges and taxes and push it to over $50. If you are not paying attention to the account, they won’t give you the Unlimited talk plan because you don’t have enough to cover the taxes/extra charges. BUT , since there is money in there, it will let you use it, at 20 cents a minute talk and 15 cents a text.

      So if you do business with Virgin Mobile and you follow three rules, it will greatly reduce headaches.

      1) Use Topups ONLY. NEVER electronic payments. You are already doing so or at least intending to. Good.
      2) MAKE sure you have enough money. I covered this. You will need to topup with more then just $50. I have seen too many teens who top up only $20 on the 19.99 unlimited texter’s delight plan and end up being charged the higher non plan 20 cent/talk 15 cent/text rate because they didn’t consider taxes/extra charges. They find out too late and feel burned because $20 will only get you 133 texts, nowhere near unlimited. Teens average 2000 texts a month. At 15 cents each, that’s $300!

      3)Make sure you pick the right plan and check it when you activate.
      That way you KNOW you’re getting what you ordered, not what VM decided to default to (their non plan expensive rates).

      VM will offer you autotopup , or your friend when he takes over the account. Tell him what I’m telling you. TOPUPS only. That way you enjoy the good parts of VM and avoid the potentially bad.

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      It depends on your carrier, you must check with them.

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