Are there any games (mmorpg or otherwise) that allow you to own a shop or

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home Are there any games (mmorpg or otherwise) that allow you to own a shop or

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      buy sell and rent houses? What I would like to do is either open my own shop and as business grows and I gain more profit open more shops or expand. Or be able to buy, sell or rent houses to other players. I would prefer rpg or mmorpg, but I will gives other games a try. Does not have to be free or paid. Just really would be interested in a game like that.

      Fable 3 has a good example of what I mean about the houses. In Fable 3 you can but houses and rent them out to other NPCs on the game. However you can essentially buy all the houses and and then there is nothing left to do. i would prefer a game where there are always houses to buy and sell. heck they dont even have to be houses! Just something to where I can turn a profit by buying, selling or renting vehicles, goods or materials.

      X3 has an excellent model of what i am looking for as far as building a business. I actually own the game. However, my computer is currently out of commission so i am using my wifes, but hers simply does not have the juice to handle X3. So any online based games or low power games (like older games with low system requirements) would suffice.

      thanks in advance!

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