Are the finances in your home shared or do you have yours and your spouse has theirs?

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home Are the finances in your home shared or do you have yours and your spouse has theirs?

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    Im just wondering how normal this is as with my SO and i everything has always been “ours”. When i worked my money was his and mine and when he works its his and mine, all money is community money. Whereas my sister’s and a few of my friends only have the money they bring into the house, bills and rent are split halfway and if they need extra and have to “borrow” from their spouse they are expected to pay it back even if its for something like diapers. And yet some of these women have to pay half on everything but are expected to also buy all the necessary for the children whereas their hubbies have extra money for themselves the wifes extra is for the kids. Is that the norm or is it more the norm for it to be community money? Cause it seems really odd to me….

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    shared all the way. It’s the only way it really works. Those who don’t share are just preparing for divorce.

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    Well. Things are shared. lol

    We have a joint account for bills. We put in our share for the bills, and they come out of that account.

    What I have left over I spend, what he has left over he spends. But its not really a segregation. I buy for him, he buys for me. His money is mine, and vice versa. I would never consider giving money to him a ‘loan’.

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    We have separate accounts and we split household expenses proportionate to our income. After that, what we spend on ourselves out of our own accounts is our business. But we don’t borrow and repay “loans” to each other. The reality is that no matter what specific bank account money is kept in, it’s ALL ours.

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    well all i can tell you its that tyes me and my hubby have a joint acct. and yes we do share the finances and plus i love when my hubby’s paycheck gets deposit in my bank acount lol.

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    We kept our finances basically separate for quite a while. Even after we were married we each still paid “our half” of the rent. But we decided that there simply wasn’t any way to do it with a baby. And then I quit my job anyway.

    Currently my husband works full-time, I freelance from home and care for our son. I’m in charge of the money and bills though, my husband prefers it that way. I know it would irritate some men but he asks me before he buys anything substantial. He just doesn’t want to worry about it.

    I move money around a lot – we have two joined accounts and I have a money market account in my name. There’s still frustration sometimes – my husband has, grrr, overdrawn our account a few times because he’s genetically incapable of checking the balance. But for the most part it works.

    I don’t understand how people could work their finances totally separate and have a kid.

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    We share. Well, he shares because I don’t work. Even when I worked, we shared out money. We have always felt that since we are a team, it is all “ours”. I think that it is more common, though, for people to have separate accounts.

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    We share. Well, he shares because I don’t work. Even when I worked, we shared out money. We have always felt that since we are a team, it is all “ours”. I think that it is more common, though, for people to have separate accounts.

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    My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 2 years. I make more money than he does, but that has really never stopped us from sharing our finances. We have a joint checking account. We both get our direct deposits on separate days so when the direct deposits come in I pay as many bills as I can and then we both have access to whatever is left to spend how we want.

    I work with some people who have seperate finances, but it seems like that just causes problems in the relationship… especially if one person makes less or has more bills than the other person.

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    We share.

    We have one account. What I make is his, what he makes is mine. Works out great for us, we have never had any kind of issue over this arrangement.

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    We have 4 accounts in our household.

    The First and most important account is the “House” account. This is what we pay into first. This is for food, housing, utilities, and everything needed to run the house.

    The second is for emergency funds. This is just basically savings for the future or a rainy day.

    The other two accounts are one for me and my wife that we call “play money”. This is just whatever is left over from the budget from our own paychecks. This is just money for gifts, toys, or just whatever.

    It really takes alot of financial stress since we put this plan in place. We used to have a joint account, but that always lead to problems because one would complain about control of money.

    The key is the House account and working out who pays what or how things are split. Once that is agreed, both parties know what they need to do and what they provide for the house. Example, One of my responsibilities is paying the electricity. If I don’t do my job and the lights go off, I have no one to blame but myself.

    We have been using this system for over 7 years and haven’t had a argument ever since about money.

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    We share it all. We’ve been together for 18 years. Recently I opened a savings account for just him and for just me and for our son. I place money in all three from our community account. So if my husband wants to take money out for something he wants he can without me knowing about it.

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    I’m the same as you, splitting finances seems ridiculous to me in a marriage, but if it works for some people…

    My husband and I have always shared a bank account and his and my money has always been “our” money. We aren’t big spenders, he doesn’t spend a dime on extra things, so money going out has never been an issue. I think that separating money causes unnecessary fights, resentment, and control.

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    It’s great to read the “sharing account” answers from so many people. It gives me faith in marriage. I did that with my first marrieage. He left me high and dry. You all are so lucky to have that trust with your spouse. That’s something I’ll never have back. I’m re-married now and insist on seperate accounts 50/50. I’ll never put myself in that position again. But I do miss the days when I had all the faith in my spouse. I wish I still had them. Enjoy the trust and faith that comes with sharing everything! Once it’s gone….it’s gone.

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