Are all hard inquiries created equal?

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    Do CRA’s weigh hard inquiries differently?* Surely an inquiry from T-Mobile*or Direct TV do not count the same as an inquiry from Ford Motor Credit or Macy’s?

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    Just like underwear, there’s no “one size fits all” cheapest. Some companies are better for urban, some for suburban. Some for houses newer than 20 years, some for houses over 20. Some for brick, some for frame.

    There is no short cut to shopping around. You’re GOING to have to call a bunch of companies – or one or two independent agents that represents multiple companies – to get your quotes and see which company is cheapest for YOUR HOUSE.

    USAA is usually the “rockest bottomest”. And you’ll find EVERY company has someone complaining about them.

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    Call an independent agent. An independent agent can check the rates from more than one company. You can look in the yellow pages or go here to locate an agent in your area –

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    Smart move in avoiding Farmers Insurance! Here are some alternatives to investigate

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    To get an accurate quote, talk insurance broker. A broker works with several different companies and can find the best coverage and price for you. To find a broker, log onto a website like and request a free quote. A broker in your area will contact you.

    Whatever you do, be sure to get an earthquake insurance rider or separate earthquake insurance policy. The chances of a major earthquake damaging your house may be small, but the risks to your financial future are huge. If your home is damaged, you cannot sell it without repairing it and its value will plummet, wiping out your home equity. It’s just not worth the risk.

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    cheapest homeowners insurance

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