Applying for disability benefits worth while in my case?

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    I am wondering how good of a chance I have at qualifying for Disability benefits? I contacted SS and have a telephone appointment next week. Here’s the important background on me. I’m 32 and since I was 24 I was bedridden for several years, mainly house bound and dependant on my first husband. After a 3M internship working in a food product lab I woke up with the intenese pain in my back at 24. Before then I had worked in your average minimum wage jobs while I was a student and did most of my schooling online if the courses were offered online b/c at 19 I started getting pain in my buttocks and hips which made it hard to sit for more than 45min and I was diagnosed with hip bursitis. At 24 I was diagnosed with 2 herniated lumbar discs, Degenerative Disc Disease & Spinal Stenosis. Since than, my pain has been managed and cared for by pain management doctors. I was told I was not a good candidate for any of the standard surgeries that are covered by insurance and not “experimental.” I went on pain medications and various medications to help control muscles, nerve pain and the pain in my back. In 2006 I worked for my first husband from home in bed from my computer. I worked when I could. My first husband founded a 2 person internet company. He developed websites and I worked when I could from home in bed adding content to the websites. Because he was a friend / spouse he let me work when I could and how ever much I could. In 2007 I was formally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. In 2008 I stopped working F/T for my first husband and we divorced. I remarried and I mainly have been a dependant of my current husband. I got pregnant in Oct 2008 and had a hard pregnancy given I suffer from a chronic pain condition where I have many other health issues that effect how I’m feeling. I been formally diagnosed with TMJ and have a gastro condition that sin getting a colectomy I have to suffer with severe constipation and gastro pain. I carried the pregnancy to term with a lowered dose of medications and without some of the medications that would normally help someone in my condition. My son was born in July of 2009 and my efforts to care for him which only have gotten harder and caring for myself have been enough and I have not worked since except for a few freelance projects for my ex-husband – now and then when I’ve felt well enough. These have all been projects I’ve done laying in bed working on my computer from home. My pain management doctors have not increased my pain medication since the pregnancy b/c they recommended if I want to have a second child that it would be best if I got pregnant soon. We’ve since been TTC and are contiuing with that plan. I made changes and got appropriate education and have a business license to operate a home daycare. My home daycare is finished and yet the past 2M I’ve been in more pain than ever and do not plan on taking any children till my pain flare up subsides. Given this pain flare up is one of my worst and I’ve not left the house but literally a handful of times in the last 2M, I’ve contiplated the idea of disability. I applied one other time shortly after my divorce, but at the time I made too much income. That company and the income was short lived and a very unique work situation. Given now that it’s been 2yrs since I’ve worked and applied for disability, I was thinking I had a better case. I would like some thoughts, suggestions and help from people that have been down this road or have similar situations. Thanks!

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