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    I recently received an invitation to app for the Citi Diamond Preferred card. I decided to go ahead and app for it today, along with the BoA affinity card that I’ve been wanting. Unfortunately, I was denied for both. I suppose at the very least I’ll get to see my EX FICO score when the letter from BoA comes in. … these have been my first denials since rebuilding.


    I wish that I had checked the Citi app line before trying for the BoA, as knowledge of the decline might have caused me to hold off and save myself an inq. Oh well, over and done wtih.


    Ok, time to pick myself up and continue on. I tried for these cards too soon, I guess. But, I thought that since I had received the invite and since Amex approved me last May, that perhaps I was ready after all. Guess not. Back to the garden until at least next fall. By then the last of my baddies should have fallen off.

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