Anyone tried medication to curb dog agression in pit bulls?

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      I have spoken with my vet about the recently developed VICIOUS fighting that has erupted between my 2 female neutered pitbulls – one, age 3 is a predominantly pit bull mix, the other, age 18 months, is a pure-bred pit bull. Until now, they got along wonderfully. Otherwise, they are both WONDERFUL dogs and I have no intention of re-homing or giving either dog up. At present, I am “crating & rotating”. I’ve asked other questions about this problem, and have been done a TON of reading about pits, mostly from links people have provided me with. I HOPE to figure out how to find Cesar Milan on my TV (may have to buy a TV guide or Sunday newspaper to see the programming). I’ve already tried a BUNCH of interventions with no luck so far. Plan to meet with a local trainer next week to see if he can help. But, my vet had suggested medication as a possibility if worst comes to worse, but I fear that might change my dog’s otherwise wonderful personality in other ways. Advice?

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