Anyone have success challenging a debt with CRAs from a closed company?

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      The title says it all. We have a foreclosure from 06. The loan was handled from a VULTURE company called HomeEq Servicing, now out of business. From what I can tell there were lots of lawsuits from them over the same sort of practices they used with us. My husband was working for a subprime broker at the time, his boss got in trouble and he just stopped paying him money he owed and then skipped town. We went 90 days back on the mortgage, then got in a “repayment plan” managed to scrape together and send them 6k (which was double what three months payments actually were)*to stop the foreclosure and intitiate the repayment, then they foreclosed on us anyways after taking the 6k. Awesome.
      They are now out of business and I’m tempted to dispute this tradeline with the CRAs based on the fact the didn’t follow our agreement. At the time we were shellshocked and heartbroken and we should have retained a lawyer, but we were dumb and did not.**How does that work as a dispute? If whomever has taken over cannot produce any validation of the debt will they have to remove it? I imagine this is significantly impacting his score. It’s actually 2 tradelines since the loan was an 80/20.
      Should I bother with this or let sleeping dogs lie? I know it will age off next year, but we’d like to but a house before then…

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