anyone had a car repossed by navy federal credit union?

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      i have not paid my car payment since oct 2009( on purpose) it is broke down and the costs to fix it will be more than what the car is worth. anyways, i notified navy fed of the situation, and they pretty much told me to try to sell it-so i did, but the offer i got for the car was not good enough for navy federal and they told me that the total balance has to be paid off before they can release the title (which is over 10 grand) noone is gonna pay 10 grand for that car! i was fortunue enough to get another car through a family member, however, navy fed told me that they WOULD not pick up the car because it is inoperate (when i tried to voluntarily release the vehicle back to them in november 09), i am trying to go into a debt management program, but i can not include this car loan as long as the title is on it. anyways, i WANT them to get the car so i can get this loan unsecured so i can begin to take care of my debts BUT they still have not come and got the car. they called last month and said that their ‘agent’ will be contacting me for the repossession of my car. noone ever called. the other day, got the same phone call again, so i called them back and ASKED for the agent’s number so i could contact him and let him know where the car is. of course this was a message i left and no one has called me back. i dont know whats going on.,the car is parked behind an old pizza joint that is abandoned. it does not have tags or plates on it. they keys are in the car. i had given them the address of the location of the car previously, and they keep making threats that they are gonna come get the car, but its still there!! has anyone had a car repossessed by navy fed?? how long did it take? does anyone know why they keep making threats to take my car and still havent done it?

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