Any good books on repairing credit and credit cards?

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      I’ve got a buddy who swears the gov’t is out to get him. His credit is in the dumps, yada yada. Well, I want to show him some personal finance stuff and help him out. BUT, I also want to give him something to READ about getting credit, repairing credit … and that the gov’t isn’t really out to get him. Silly, I know, but it’s partly to help and partly for fun. Suggestions?

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      Hmm… good question. If you want to know what the gov’t is up to on this topic, you need to learn about the credit reporting act. There’s info online but it’s hard to find. I mean, gov’t web sites and stuff.

      I found this web site and book…

      Sounds like it’s full details about what the gov’t officially wants us to know, but also some helpful hints and tips. No idea if it’s any good.

      BTW, I like anything by David Ramsey. That dude knows personal finance!

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