Any advice on what I should do? Found a book with my friends wife confessing that she cheated.?

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      My story is long…just warning you.

      I moved into a house 2 years ago that a lifelong friend and co-worker sold to my wife and I because they wanted to move to northern michigan. They left a lot of stuff in boxes and filing cabinets in the basement and we just left it there until recently. We found a bunch of note pads and decided to just give them to our children to color in and a few weeks ago my daughter brought one of them to me and said “Daddy there is writing in here already” I took it from her and it was a series of letters from my friends wife to one of her friends that were dated and were confessing that she had cheated on her husband several times and that she was even torn and didn’t know if she wanted to stay with her husband or leave him for one of these other guys. She had admitted to sleeping with at least 5 other guys. I find it odd that she would write these letters and not send them so I started thinking that maby just maby this was a made up story and she perhaps was trying to be a writer, but then she started to go into detail and she named 2 people that I personally knew.

      I am stuck on what I should do because this was years ago and they have 4 kids together now and who knows? maby she has stopped? but on the other hand I just found out within the past year that my wife was not faithful to me and I know that I wish someone would have told me, but I don’t want to break up a marriage that could be monogamous now. He seems really happy and so does she, but on the other hand I was happy and my wife seemed happy.

      I always told myself that if I knew one of my friends were or had been cheated on that I would tell them but now that I am faced with this dillema I don’t know what I should do.

      Please give me your input and keep the childish comments to yourself. I am really confused on what I should do about this.

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