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    OK on Friday the 4th my husband and I were invited to a cookout and fireworks at his cousin’s house, where she lives with her kid and boyfriend. We live out of town and she told me to park in my car behind theirs so that the fireworks wouldn’t hit our car. His cousin and I were sitting inside playing the wii, and her boyfriend comes in and says,” damn it, I’ll trade insurance info with you in the morning,” We were going to stay the night. When he said that it took a minute to figure out that he hit our car. Well, we went outside and looked and it’s the whole side panel on the passenger side. He had been drinking and they ( my husband and the boyfriend) decided that he would just pay out of pocket. Because he it was family and my husband didn’t want to start any crap between them. Well I went and got a quote yesterday and emailed it to him. He called and said that it was too much and that it could be fixed cheaper. And I told him I didn’t care if it cost 50 cents or 500 dollar
    I just wanted my car fixed the right way. He said that if all the quotes are too much that he wants us to some up this weekend and we will call the cops and go through the insurance. I want my car fixed right, not by some second hand used parts paint barely matches kind of guy. Our car is a brand new 2008 chevy cobalt. His is a 2007 Scion. What should I do to keep peace between that family and still get my car fixed?? Here is a picture of what he did to our car. The quote I got from the dealership was $ 1,540.42

    I have his plate number but will I get in trouble for not reporting right away and will I get charged with leaving the scene of the accident?

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