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      Below is a copy of the message I sent to*AMEX yesterday*in reference to a horrible experience I had trying to get a charged approved on my account:


      I spent nearly an hour on the phone today trying to get a charge approved on my account only to be told in the end that I have to have the merchant call to get an authorization code. My first call was because my tuition payment was declined (first attempt $2520, second and third attempt $1000). Based on my usage history, the $2520 could not be approved in addition to my current balance (despite my making 2 payments on the same day, one from my bank for $400 and one over the phone with the rep for $400). I was told to call back after my payments clear and basically sit on hold again to see if it can be approved, but that I currently had $1500 available to use. If I was able to prepay (which defeats the purpose of a charge card) I could process the full transaction, which I explained I have to show proof of payment in order to be reimbursed so that wasn’t an option. I asked if I could resubmit the $1000 now and was told my account was cleared. I
      resubmitted the $1000 two more times and was still declined. I called again and was placed on yet another extended hold, then transferred to a rep in the fraud department who told me that she had done all she could but couldn’t be sure that my card would work. I asked her to hold because I was not calling back again and resubmitted the charge, which was declined for the sixth time. She then told me that she told the rep who transferred me to her that she knew she couldn’t help me because it was not a fraud issue and that the rep refused to allow her to not transfer the call. I told her I needed to speak to whoever could make this charge go through and she placed me on yet another extended hold. She checked back in and told me that every person she talked to said they couldn’t help. Finally she said she talked with the authorizations department and said that the merchant would need to call in and get a code to approve the transaction. This charge was made online, and I had no info to contact the merchant. Additionally, the charge was for tuition, and if I was able to get a representative from the school on the phone to get the charge approved, they would not be willing to hold for 30 minutes while your representatives fumbled around trying to get the charge approved. It is the beginning of the term and reaching a representative from the school is nearly impossible because people with actual problems, not an uncooperative credit card company, are calling in for assistance. I am very disappointed in the customer service from this company, but I am mostly extremely mad because I have missed out on earning my rewards points. I purposely opened this account for this very purchase, and have made it my everyday card to take advantage of the perks. But based on the experience I have had perhaps this was a mistake. I would like some compensation for the time I spent on the phone with your reps only to still not have my problem resolved as well as the points I lost. I understand the need to limit my spending since it is a new account so I can understand declining the $2520, but how am I supposed to build up history of heavy use and payments when I have to go out of the way to get charges approved, especially if I am within the limit your rep told me I had left to spend?? This was an unacceptable way to handle this entire situation and I am a very dissatisfied customer.**

      After this whole experience I was not expecting any kind of satisfactory repsonse.* So imagine my shock when I read this response:


      Response (Bliss Lohe)*****05/28/2011 04:28 AMDear *************,

      Thank you for bringing your concern to our notice.

      Please let me first apologize for the number of times you’ve had to contact us on this situation, it’s never our intention to inconvenience one of our valued customers and when it happens we are sorry.

      I contacted our Account Services Department on your behalf today regarding the information provided in your e-mail. I was advised that they will be in a better position to assist you if you contact them personally.

      Therefore, I respectfully ask you to contact our Account Services Department at (800) 230-1284 (24 hours/7 days a week). From outside the United States, please call collect at 1-336-393-1111, at your earliest convenience to discuss your situation with one of our representatives who will then make the appropriate notations on your Card accounts.

      Regrettably, our Account Services Department does not have e-mail capabilities at this time, and I apologize that I am unable to forward your e-mail.

      I want you to be happy with the service you receive from American Express. Therefore, I have credited $50.00 to your Card account and it will reflect within 24-48 hours.

      I have also credited 2,500 points to your Membership Rewards account and currently, you have 11,793 available points and 2,205 pending points.

      Your Membership is important to us and we hope that you will continue to allow us to meet your future Card needs.
      Sincerely, Bliss Lohe Email Servicing Team American Express Interactive Services


      I am now madly in love with AMEX :smileytongue:, I have never had a credit card company go out of their way, above and beyond my initial request, to make me happy and genuinely apoligize for messing up on their end! They now have a customer for LIFE!! I had always heard great things about their customer service, but when I went through everything I did yesterday to get my charge approved I was doubting the rumors. But my points balance is showing the credit, and I anticipate the $50 credit to reflect next week sometime! Great job AMEX!


      Just wanted to share the joy!

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