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    I wanted to share my experience with American Express’ Purchase Protection because I need it now, more than ever!


    I’ve only used Purchase Protection twice and this is my 3rd claim this year, but I had a claim last week, I bought a Betsey Johnson luggage and the stupid zipper broke (Made In China crap) and I was refunded the $108 I spent on it.


    Now a week later, I switched from Sprint to AT&T and I of course bought the iPhone 4, less than 12 hours later around 1:40A.M. I was at my friends birthday party in her apartments and I wasn’t really drunk but I was trying to be delicate and I dropped my iPhone down the stairs, it isn’t really bad but there is a crack the goes straight down the phone, would American Express jeopardize my claim because I had one done last week for the Betsey luggage?


    I’m completely phone-less and I am really praying to the AmEx Gods that my claim will be approved so I can try and get a new one, the representative said “Your case shouldn’t get denied, it’s actually a pretty quick decision because of the damage done to your iPhone.”


    Has anyone had any experiences with Purchase Protection and the iPhone?


    I read an AmEx Black Card owner had filed a claim 5 times for his phone because he kept forgetting to take it out the laundry, I just hope all goes well for this case!*

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