am I getting play or is this very common

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      * i am sort of wondering If i am getting played.* I was interested in a house that is 515k listing…** After 7 days the house has a due date to accept offer…so i hurry my butt off to offer the house at 505k but with 30% downpayment..the reason 10k lower because during the week, they found out from inspection that they have 9k in termite I factor that in and offer at 505k.* so the offer closed and we didnt hear anything from the listing agent…two days later…listing agent said there was 3 offers, but they have to check their tittle company to do some calculation…more days has pass and we keep on contacting the listing agent and she said she is still checking on the numbers…after more than a week, she offer a counter..which is 515k… the problem is that she said there is new offer from a new person during that week of 8k more…i was like…what the heck..i told my agent that i knew they were just buying time to see if they can get a higher offer…* the house isn’t the most expensive in the neighborhood but is is the most expesive for it’s living area…the house which is very identical located behind the house we are interested in was sold for 505k and month ago another of that size is 480…all have very good living condition, but the one we are interested in is a slightly better.** my question is…this tittle checking scheme seems like a sham so that they could stall to get a higher bid from new sources?* My agent said she didn’t do it on purpose, but for me, i think she did…they spend a week in so call tittle research and still ask for the same price as th listing price sound very fishy to me…* what do you guys think?* is that one more tools for agent to get more money from buyers and use people like me to pressure people to bid more for the house?* i know..if the house is decent, give it some more time, someone will bid higher.*

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