After all this time, do I confess to her parents the truth? [Long]?

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    My story is kinda complicated. I dated a girl for 3 1/2 years when I was in California. The more time that passed with us the more lies were given. When her brother landed in prison, my gf at the time told me all details but her parents pulled her aside and asked her if I know and she told them no. Thats when the first lie was born.
    Then I had to move away and on the last day we spent before I moved she had made an attempt on her life but I stopped her from doing it. She told me I can’t watch her 24/7 and once I tried to hide the sharp objects she told me. I can always overdose on my medicine. I pulled her aside and told her everything was going to be OK. She told me never to tell her step-father and mother the truth. A Choice that has bothered me from that moment on. Her parents got home and she acted like nothing happened.
    As I moved away and as time passed this bothered me more than her as I tried to get her to just tell them what happened. She told me if I ever tell them any lie we have told them that she would cut off our friendship and never talk to me again. She even came to the point where I caught her in lies to where she told me she told them the truth and she is going to therapy. Convinced me she told them the truth and it wasn’t as bad as she thought.
    Now she got so desperate she got back with her ex (the one before me, who actually admitted to cheating on her when she was with me). It just got worse with them as they both agreed to get engaged over Christmas. She would talk to me on the phone about how much money he has (he knows how to use and control her because money is why I had to move away from her), the ring and all the stuff he is buying her love with. It bothered me to the point to where I was hurt and sent a nasty email to her. “I said you are full of lies”, “If you don’t tell your parents the truth it will get worse” I even said I have a audio confession on tape I will play for your parents if you don’t tell them the truth” (Which is something I did a while back that has her admitting that she tried to kill herself)
    She must of got upset by that email because she forwarded it to her parents. They replied back telling me not to contact her again or they will get the police involved or take me to court. I replied to her parents email saying I was sorrying if I offended anyone and I respect his wishes. I don’t know if they read it. Her mom is still friends with me on MySpace so maybe they don’t hate me as much as I am thinking. Since then I haven’t talked to her in over a month. I have been thinking that her parents probably questioned her about the email which mean either explain the letter or she told another lie. She might of lied to cover her ass and told them I was just being jealous but if her parents think that I wrote that because I was jealous then they are wrong. I just wanted her to be honest with her parents about what happened. Maybe had some jealous because of the engagement but the letter had nothing to do with her “engagement”. What should I do? I have been restricted on my cell phone so I can’t call her for 90 days (she did this before, which is another thing that set me off). I can’t call her house line I don’t know it. The only thing I can do is record me talking on a web cam and talk about everything from my perspective. The suicide attempt, her brother and try and explain myself. Maybe even include that recorded conversation I taped so they believe I am telling the truth. Should I try and clear the air with her parents by confessing the truth or leave it be. I think it is her parents and maybe the fiancee from having me contact her. I think my ex just got upset and created this bad situation for her. She knows if she contacts me that maybe her parents will start to think that what I wrote in that letter was the truth. I do believe my ex wants to talk to me but can’t because of the lie she had to tell them to protect herself. All she does is lie and her parents don’t see it. They think she is a perfect little angel.

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