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      i have over 14,000 worth of debt on my credit mostly student loans(good standings) and two credit cards(charge-offs), and a few other old debt thats delinquent. My question is my husband and i are trying to get our credit together because we have kids now and they deserve a home. We are giving ourselves 3 years to get our credit together to look for a home(starting this january 2012). If we pay off ALL our debt(even the ones from 2006), in 3 years when we go to apply for a loan, if we bring our receipts to the lender will they give us a loan? I know they may run it and deny us, so i want to know even if the creditors and collection companies dont “take” the debt completely off will our receipts help us out as proof we’ve paid it and its just not taken off yet?

      As of right now my score is 548 and my husbands is 544(he doesnt have anything on his credit other than our utility bills in which we’re paying already). How can we get his up? No one will give him a credit card because his score so low and he has no credit. Thanks for your help and thanks for reading.

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