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      I start my small business 2 years ago and this year I applied for business credit card at all major banks and got all Declined!
      My next option is a secure business credit card, searched all major banks (2010) and couldn’t find any offer.

      Any suggestions?
      List of all declined applications:

      Inc-Chase-Business Credit Card
      Bank of America-Business Credit Card
      Capital One-Business Credit Card
      Citi-Business Credit Card
      HSBC-Business Credit Card
      Mastercard-Business Credit Card
      Visa-Business Credit Card

      Aplication in pending:

      Amex-(no Chanse)

      My score is all over 725, no late payments, all accounts in GOOD standing!

      Any suggestion is appreciated

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      you really need to call around on your own. The rate depends on your credit report and the type , size and cost of the property.

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      I’ve used State Farm for years and feel they have fair rates. Insure your car and you get a discount on both.

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      I have mainly Farmers on all of my properties.
      To save on a policy……….get a higher deductible than the general $ 500 they quote. Some don’t tell you that a $ 1000 deductable can save hundreds on a policy.

      But call around and compare apples to apples. Same coverage and deductibles.
      See if you car insurance carrier offers with a reduced rate.

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      AS another said you need to consider the deductable. This is because you only make a claim if something major happens……. little things consider paying yourself so as to not effect your rates.

      The hundreds of dollars you save can be in the bank making you money instead of just giving it to an insurance company,never to be seen again. And that money can be used to pay a decuctable if needed.

      As far as companies? Well their all basically the same. I have Allstate for everything and like my agent. I would hve had State Farm but the agent in the office I went to was rude. I figured “great, my house burns down w. the car in the garage and this is who I would deal w.” I’m sure the company is fine though, it was just that person.

      Start w. who you have your car insured with. Yes any company will give you a discount with the car/house combo but sometimes if you have already been a customer for a while the might give you a cheaper rate.

      The rest of it? All you can do is shop around. And ask around to find out who other people you know use.

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