18 and leaving home. How the hell am I going to survive?

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    One entry level job at like fast food or retail pays like $ 600-700 a month, I’ll be lucky if I can get a job at all let alone more than one. Splitting an apartment with someone or renting a room somewhere costs like $ 400 at the least. I doubt I can pay for everything else with $ 200-300, like food, car insurance/gas/maintenance (which I don’t even have a car yet, but I have some money saved up for one so I can get one soon), and personal items. But I’m not staying home. My parents are neglectful and psychologically abusive. I hate my town, it’s a tiny dump in the middle of nowhere and I want to move somewhere bigger but not too big and without a high cost of living (I have a couple in mind). I want to be somewhere where I’m happy and can actually make friends, because I have none here. I don’t care if I have to live in my car or on the street. Anywhere is better than there. Advice, besides stay home?
    I have like $ 2,700 saved up that I think I should spend on a cheap car. Should I hold off on that and use the money to move and get settled in first, then try to get a car? I don’t think I could get by without personal transportation so I think I just need to buy the car and then start from scratch.

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