1,300 Barclays CC Approval + 1,200 CLI. WOW

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    So my plan was to get a final secured card for my first ever*gardening period*since I won’t be apping for anything for a whole year now.


    Decided to waste an inquiry before going for the secured and I applied for the Barclays finance card. Instant approval for $1,300, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Called barclays to ask a few questions*about the card, get some advice*and explain*my plans to use it.. asked how I could get a CLI… instant $2,500. I know I could have asked for more and gotten it, but I was too nervous.


    They asked about work, income, plans on how to pay off the card, recent inquiries and about my charged off credit card. Instant.


    To go from 7-10 day messages EVERY single time I apply and slowly*progress through $300 approvals and get $1300 with a $1200 CLI for a*$2500 approval is absolutely insane to me.


    Progress is a slow process guys, but the juice is worth the squeeze.

    Now time to stop obsessing over CC’s and work on some auto CLI’s and*graduating a card*.

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