120+ day late 2 years ago- what impact is it having?

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      In 2009- I have a 120+day late on my credit report on one of my student loans. *I was in school- and had to take a semester off (fall semester after summer) when I gave birth to my youngest daughter. *In my ignroance, I didn’t realize that not attending that semester would start my student loans into repayment and I had signed up for online notifcations only- which I received at my school email account- that I had access to when I went back to school that fall. *I obviously contacted them right away, and they were put back into deferrment because I was back in school- * However, since it’s from 2009 and the ONLY late showing on both of my student loans- is it dragging my score down enough I should attempt a GW with Nelnet? *


      I’m leaning towards trying- the worst they say is no right? *So my question is- how much weight does a 2 year old 120 day carry on your score? *I realize nobody can say, “oh it’s dropped your score 50 points” lol.. but just a general idea? *Would it be effecting it by 2 or 3 points- * 10-20 *or 40-50? *Just a general idea.

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