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I do not comment on bias responses. I want evidence of why we put ourselves into a recession. If you do not, then accept your decision and is respected by me. However, I ask you, which is part of this information is not seen on the market … and why it can not be defined as a recession werden.Dies LONG IS but it gives reason there is a recession: The public has been led by Secretary of State three weeks ago with the state of our economy. It was concluded that this was a sign of recession on the road. But many believe it began in November that the decline subrime mortgages to create. I am one of those people. I do not think subrime loans was the only reason. Thus, since subrime loan debacle two consecutive began …. This has in fact resulted in economic decline. GDP is important … and I came … but it has not achieved two consecutive terms … but it will without a doubt. (This is my opinion) Note that the growth of real GDP (seasonally adjusted annual rate) for the last quarter of 2007 was 0.6 [31] only 28 Revised February 2008. It was 2.2 for the entire year 2007.Nouriel Roubini hard scenario of 12 steps has been described [32]. Real estate prices in the United States between 20% and 30% fall from the top. NYTimes graphic was also announced today they have dropped 60%, the losses for the financial system from the subprime disaster, as high as $ 300 billion of U.S. recession are spreading in near-prime and Prime Hypotheken.Die will be a sharp increase in losses on loans and other forms of consumer insurance Unsecured debt is führen.Monoline their losses in the home insurance of mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed bonds and other asset-backed securities, which is much higher than the $ 10000000000 – 15000000000 bailout to the $ is trying regulators, are too. The genuine commercial real estate loan market will soon look like a collapse eingeben.Einige the number of subprime large regional banks or national, as mortgages are exposed to too much life and commercial buildings can fail. Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. collapsed on March 16, 2008 and significant losses at JP Morgan Chase gekauft.Banken following hundreds of billions of dollars of leveraged loans on their balance sheet at their nominal value, currently around 90 cents on the dollar begins wachsen.Nach a severe recession, a massive wave of corporate failures instead. Typically U.S. corporate default rates of bonds are about 3.8% (1971-2007), 2006 and 2007, this number has a relatively low 0.6%. 10 years and over in a typical U.S. recession% of this increase in default rates. The “shadow banking system” (as defined by Pimco, it is non-bank financial institutions that borrow short and together, in liquid form and to lend or invest in more illiquid long) will soon be on the stock markets in serious trouble geraten.Die U.S. and foreign prices into a severe recession in the United States and a sharp global economic slowdown beginnen.Die credit crisis on the poor credit market and credit derivatives entails drying up of liquidity in financial markets more, including otherwise very liquid Derivatemärkte.Ein circle vicious losses, capital reduction, credit, forced liquidation of assets below the fundamental price is the result of this bin to another KreditverknappungIch agreement. An economist continues, call me every name in the book and told me that I do not understand addiction. This is nothing, but take Imation guest.

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    May 2, 2011 at 3:22 am

    We are in a recession. It started back in the fall. By the time that the economists recognize it, it may very well be over. That is how they work best, in hindsight.

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