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Im an independant contractor and I need a little insight on what to file and how to itemize. I’m a truck driver and as you know the fuel prices were overwelming for the past two years, well I’ve been spending more then half of my earnings on fuel to keep on rolling, without it I wouldnt have been able to work , not to mention my truck note, insurance,maintenance, repairs, food, clothes and all my other bills. now my main concern is do I get a fuel tax credit? And do I get to claim everything else I mentioned? And I also have dependants, now I look at how much I made this year and laugh because it’s not funny, because I wasnt able to see any of that money do to all of the above, so can some body please help me on this.
well I didnt pay estimated taxes through the year and also I was not ABLE TO PAY MY ROAD TAXES YET, WILL i STILL BE ABLE TO FILE?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts on filing my taxes, 1099 form.?

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