Does MSI Credit Solutions work?

I was thinking of signing up for credit repair. I have heard good things so far and they have a huge page list of testimonials for a credit repair company.

2 thoughts on “Does MSI Credit Solutions work?

  1. From my experience, yes. They did a great job of clearing up the few negative items I had on my credit. They raised my score and it took about 2 months. Overall, money very well spent.

  2. Avoid the temptation to pay a “credit repair” firm, as they cannot remove accurate negative info. If you’ve had recent defaults, charge-offs, late pays, then you need to understand these items have to age of your credit report naturally. After 7 years from the date of default you’ll get a clean slate. “Credit repair” firms have no special power to magically delete negative items….all they do is dispute all negative items on your credit report and hope that the credit bureaus cannot validate the debt within the 30 day allowable time frame, in which case they must remove the items. You don’t have to pay anyone to do this as you can do it yourself for free.

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