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Plus is it a card by card basis with credit score, meaning all your CC have to have less then a 30% debt to limit ratio or does it mean all your cc debt total has to be less then 30 percent of all your limit total. So i guess this is two questions.



1 Thought on Does anyone know what the percentage of Debt to Limit ratio that starts to hurt your Credit Score?
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    October 14, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    There is really no “exact” number, because your credit score is based on several factors. However, the 30% Ratio is pretty widely given as the point at which this will start to harm your score more. This is a TOTAL amount, so yes it is your Total Credit Limit compared to your Total Credit Used.

    However, the other side to this calculation is that you should have no single credit card over 50% of your limit for that card, even if the total would still be under 30%. Which I think is the other part of your question.

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