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I have degenarative disc problems in both my upper and lower back. I’ve had on going problems for years. I have bulging disks and bone spurs in my back. I recently had an MRI and things have really deteriated. I go to a clinic in my home town. They are making me an appointment with a Neurologist that is new to the area. My doctor says the feedback she’s gotten on him has been good. I know I’m looking at surgery and I’m scared. Many years ago the neurologist I saw said that he’d use plastic disc to replace mine. Has anyone else had this done? Were you in some kind of brace and for how long? keep in mind that I have at least 7 bad on top and both sides of my lumbar are bad. I wanted to go to Mayo but we only have PPO insurance and of course Mayo wouldn’t be covered under our plan. If someone else had surgery like this would they please tell me how long it was before they were able to work again. As you can see,I have lots of questions but no one to ask them to. Please help. Thank you !

1 Thought on Does anyone know of a good Neurologist in the state of Michigan ?
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    November 12, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Dr.Novak, In Grand Rapids Michigan. He is part of MMDS.+

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