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I heard that the $ 700 billion bailout plan only covered 5.4% of America’s debt, but I am not sure if that included all debt or just defaulted loans that cannot or will not be paid back.
Ok, people stop answering with some web site that I have to pay for that will help me with debt. That is not at ALL what I’m asking. Read the question before giving a stupid answer, please!

1 Thought on Does anyone know approximately how much *bad* debt, including mortgages, our country has now?
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    mister ed
    May 15, 2011 at 12:46 am

    sorry it took so long to answer — i just could no stop laughing — not that it is a laughing matter — even with all of the computers and brain power working the problem – no one knows — i visualize it like when you get around to cleaning a closet — the stuff just keeps coming out!!!

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