2 Thoughts on Do you think Sirius will do very well in the years to come? What financial Wamu?
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    December 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    Your speculating in penny stocks and boy do you have the wrong ones. WAMU is in bankruptcy and they will not emerge so it’s a money pit and will completely close in a matter of years. It has has least 40 class actions on the remaining assets since the Government seized it’s deposits and gave it to JP Morgan. Sirius XM Radio Inc has had 3 reverse splits in the last 2 years and still can’t get price share above a dollar. It’s future growth is horrid because it depends on long haul truckers and new car sales by GM and Chrysler to obtain customers. Ford and Toyota the two companies who will be selling cars the nest few years have agreements with MICROSOFT in the works who is going to kill (SIRI) in head to head competition. Long Haul trucking is dead right now and will continue to decline in the green economy. Here are some penny stocks I am buying and I am NOT a broker, these are high risk and reward. I also am telling you why I buy, but I warn you if you can’t afford to lose don’t speculate.

    Moderate Risk
    General Moly (GMO) Has the worlds largest supply of Molybdenum a mineral needed in the refining of steel and only 1 or 2 companies that produce it in America. Will be opening new mines this year in Nevada and has deals in place to sale all they can pull out to Korea and China.

    Wendys/Arby group (WEN) trades under $ 5 per share and I like the management team who plan on lower prices at Arbys and copying the YUM brands practice of allow franchise buyers to have both stores under one roof. I think it will increase distribution and this stock could double in the next year.


    (YRCW) largest trucking LTL carrier in the world. If demand picks up this company will explode in revenues. Teamsters have accepted every compromise from company to control cost. Trades under $ 1 a share. Recently secured a years worth of money to continue to operate. If you believe Economy will turn in the nest year trucking LTLs are the first to feel it and this could be a monster.

    (ABK) Ambac, trades under $ 1 per share. Was an $ 80 stock prior to housing bubble. Wote to many bonds for mortgage companies and is feeling the effects. Sooner or later the bad loans will all be written off and this comapny will rebound if they can find a way to avoid bankruptcy. They have rode the Economy and housing bubble to the bottom and I think if they were going to file it would have been a year ago.

    Evergreen Solar, Inc (ESLR) company is choice of Obama adminstration and provided the green energy for DNC convention. Problem is Obama is slow to get things passed and in the DNC loses control of house in 2010 they might not ever get a chance to provide green energy to all these government projects promised.

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    December 2, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Well, cheap is all relative. Although Sirius has a cheap share price they have billions of shares issued so the market cap of the company is $ 3.46 billion. Additionally, Sirius is carrying a debt load in excess of $ 3 billion and is not profitable. Not a good mix all around for sustaining a business.

    Wamu is now essentially a shell of the former Washington Mutual. Practically all assets of value were sold to JP Morgan Chase in late 2008. Please stay away from Wamu shares.

    If you are looking for good investments for the long-term then I would really consider the big banks. Bank of America (BAC) and JP Morgan Chase (JPM) are good domestic banks and a good international bank is Barclays (BCS). In the years to come these banks share prices will recover substantially and will also start to pay substantial dividends again (they all pay tiny ones now).

    You might also want to consider preferred shares of some of the banks. Bank of America’s Preferred J (BAC-J) currently trade at $ 23.18 and pay a hefty dividend yielding 7.8%.

    Lastly, I would also look into AT&T shares (T). They are currently trading around $ 25 and pay a nice dividend yielding 6.71%.

    What’s nice about stocks that pay dividends is that they basically pay you while you wait for the shares to rise (and dividends are typically taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income).

    Of course, invest at your own risk and I take no responsibility in any losses that you may sustain.

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