Difference in buying house build after 2003 vs house build around 1985?

Since we need big house in good school district in our budget; we are trying to find out pros and cons of buying old house like one build around 80’s or 90’s. Will there be any issues? Like termites or similar wear and tear. What about plumbing? do old houses have more issues with sewage clogging. Any issues with floor? Please tell me if you have lived in house build around 80’s.

Thank you

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  1. in general, if properly maintained by it’s owner, your should have no major problems to deal with. Many ‘new’ homes have more problems than a 30 year old that has been properly maintained.

  2. Even well maintained older homes will most likely have older bathrooms, appliances, kitchens, floor coverings, etc. Which may need to be redone or replaced by now. Tho not structural, those fixes can get very expensive. Unless the house was neglected, the plumbing, etc. should be fine, but the fixtures, sinks, toilets, etc., may need to be replaced.

    I live in a well maintained 25 year old house and we just had to replace the two air conditioning systems, redid the kitchen a few years ago and when we get real rich, the bathrooms need to be redone. And floor coverings need to be redone every 10 years at least.

    Big bucks involved. So if you can find a much newer, well built home without all the normal aging issues, it may be a better buy.

  3. There should be mandatory inspections for termites, etc. in your area.
    You may be able to buy “repair insurance” in escrow– check your realtor.
    My home was built in 1961 and just now need some updating, since it was very well built in the first place.

  4. DrDontheTermiteGuy says:

    Older houses may be better quality but probably won’t be as energy efficient in both design and construction. Older houses are often in better locations than brand new ones.

    Find a really good building inspector and a highly-regarded pest inspector. Chat with them about the area and what houses of that age are like. They will know well. Then use them on any house you are seriously considering.

    My house is half 50s half 80’s. Well-built and good value but needed a lot of updating.

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