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So this is not exactly a question, but I wanted to forewarn everyone out there who were thinking of renting through craigslist with this sketchy scam. IF ANYTHING YOU GET THROUGH EMAIL LOOKS ANYTHING LIKE THIS, DON’T FALL FOR IT

Happy to hear of your interest. I live in London most of the time and I’ve decided to rent this apartment. The typical rent range for an apartment in this area of town (1600 Sand Hill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304) is between $ 2,000.00 and $ 2,500.00/month. I’m asking only $ 1,000/month with all utilities included because I need a serious and trust worthy person who not only will pay me the rent on time but also will take care and preserve my property.
I was looking to rent the apartment for at least six months, but I’m flexible, so please let me know your thoughts.
I decided to rent the apartment through, a company, whose service we’ll use to carry out the transaction. has the possession of all the necessary documents (rental contract, proof of ownership…) and apartment keys. If you want to learn more about how this service works, let me know.
Thank you,

I’m ok with your lease terms. The apartment is completely furnished, washer/dryer in unit, very clean, ready for you to move in. If you have your own furniture we will find a way to empty the apartment so you can bring your own things. If we decide to proceed with this transaction, i will have to forward your info at, so they can start the process right away. You will receive a notification from shortly after that, together with all the instructions to follow.
Regarding the payment, you will be instructed how to deposit 3 months advance rent payment,which means $ 3,000, to a account. will hold and insure your money until you check the apartment and decide if you want take it or not. If you decide to rent the apartment, 2 months rent payment will be sent back to you and one month rent will be sent to me. That is how their renter protection policy works. As far as my concerns, I will be glad to know that has the possession of the money during the transaction period. That is my insurance.. I require the payment in advance at because my time is very limited, I don’t want to end up paying for this service without any result. I’m sick of tire-kickers, people who are just looking around and not serious about renting.
If you’re OK with my terms and you wish to proceed please forward me your full name and address and I will pass them onto They will contact you with payment instructions in order to secure the deposit. A Agent will deliver the keys and rental contract to you in person so you can inspect the apartment. If you will decide to pass and start looking for another place, will return you the money 100%, as I will be supporting the fees. Though I am sure you will love the apartment, it is good to know that you do have this second option available.
Hope to hear from you soon,

WATCH OUT! Because they have really good fake emails from, including their company logo and an email address!

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    November 29, 2011 at 5:04 am

    It is amazing how many of these scams work. Thanks for pointing it out!

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