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So after going to two different Transmission garages to have the mechanics test drive and thoroughly look around as to what was making a hard clunking noise. Both garages said the same thing “the motor mounts and transmission mount need replaced”. Okay so instead of paying $ $ $ for them to do it. I bought the parts and did it myself. 2000 Grand Prix 3.8 (not S/C) 152,201

After replacing the top mounts which are the motor mount connected just above the radiator. Also the torque to strut mounts as well. Then replacing the transmission mount I’d hope the clunking noise be GONE and the bouncing noise from the transmission be gone too. NOPE! Drove the car around for about 45 mins trying to avoid pot holes and going over speed bumps. The bouncing sound is gone which I am happy about. However, when I shift from park to Reverse it still shifts hard, plus when at a stop then I take off again i can almost hear the engine shifting. The fluid level is fine too.

I had a passenger in the car at the time and we both agreed there seems to be a bit of vibration under us. Besides how much damn money I have spent to keep this running which is A LOT!! which is more than its worth anymore. I am not going into detail how many freaken repairs i’ve done and a professional has done. I am not sure what else the clunking noise can be coming from. A person can actually see the whole engine move back and forth when shifting gears.Is that common? The parts did come from a auto parts store not a salvage yard.

Are Pontiac’s known for hard shifting and bad transmissions and coolant issues too. I am about to put and end to this and stop spending so much money on this because its put me into some credit card debt. Hell a new car be worth it anymore.

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    July 24, 2011 at 5:13 am

    you sure you got all the mounts sounds like you forgot one

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