Closing costs with an FHA mortgage loan…?

I was recently approved for a FHA mortgage loan of up to $ 100,000. I have a few homes picked out around the $ 80,000 mark. With the closing costs, i read/heard that you have 3 choices. 1-pay normal closing costs. 2-roll the costs in on the mortgage. 3-have the seller pay for the closing. What are my true options? I obviously would love not to have to shell out thousands towards closing if I have several choices. Please don’t try to explain the old 3% changed to 6% because i don’t understand it. Break it down, please. I am a first time home buyer if that helps at all.

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  2. here is an answer I posted to a similar question:

    While David and Arbor both have answered correctly there is also the possibility that the seller countered your offer by increasing the sales price to cover the concessions.
    For example:
    The listed price is $ 135,000.00
    You offered $ 125,000.00 with seller paying closing costs of say $ 5,000.00.
    This offer would net the sellers $ 120,000.00 ($ 125,000.00 minus the $ 5,000 seller concessions)
    What usually happens is the seller will counter which would look something like this:

    The list price of $ 135,000.00 + the seller concessions of $ 5,000 = new sales price of $ 140,000.00 which effectively allows the buyer to roll the closing costs into the new loan.

    You only have 2 options.
    1) Seller concession (the seller pays them) which in the example above shows how seller concessions can be used to roll the costs into the loan.
    2) You bring the cash to closing

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